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We usually recommend reading an introductory guide to cognitive behavioural therapy such as CBT for Dummies when you start therapy. This helps you understand quickly how CBT works and means that time in the session can be given over to your specific situation rather than explaining general principles.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For Dummies is usually on offer on Amazon and is often available second hand.

We also recommend The CBT Handbook which is available here and discounted via the NHS mental health self help scheme: CBT Handbook on Amazon

There are other introductory books too which are also good. For specific conditions, we also recommend the Overcoming Series, which is an excellent source of information and self-help.

There are websites that can help you with CBT, one of the most helpful is

We would also recommend MIND, the mental health charity.

"I thought psychologists were for crazy people": can therapy help refugees? Article by Lorenzo Tondo and Helena Smith, The Guardian, 31 August 2019.

Right to Remain toolkit

The Right to Remain Toolkit is free to use, and it's for people who want to learn more about the legal process, or a particular part of the legal process. You might be making an application or are thinking about it; you might be helping someone else to do so.

How to manage panic attacks

This video explains what a panic attack is and how to start managing it using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).